14+63=77, 100-77= 23

“Who wants to give us $23”

Oh great we got $100! $100+ $5,463= $5,563

Only $14,437 left!


This is what our home sounded like every day, multiple times a day last month. I think I used my calculator more than I used any other app on my phone. I don’t know if that speaks to how many times I did that, or how bad I am at math.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I would want to include on this blog. I’ve got a lot of feelings about how fundraising has gone, and for a person who spent the majority of her life not giving value to her feelings that is a scary place to be.

I felt like it was important to document this process and share it with all of you for a couple of reasons,

  1. I know that remembering is an undervalued discipline in my own life/ the life of our family as Curries. When 2017 started Charles and I talked about that being something we really wanted to prioritize continuing forward, we want to be people who recognize the work of the Lord as His work, not as mere coincidence. We want to be people who thank the Lord in the midst of His good work, not after it. We know that Christ continually tells His people in Scripture to remember His miraculous works. Remembering grows our faith in His promises, reminds us we are NEVER forgotten, and helps us follow a commandment the Lord set before us. I want to look back in 5, 10, 50 years and remember the Lord fought for us; and, where He plans, He provides.

  2. It’s humbling to sit in this position. This month has been one where the Lord has continued to point out to me that I’m not that smart, and that He has a perfect plan that outweighs my most well thought out attempts. I won’t pretend that this process has been smooth or easy. Giving up our home, our dog, and many of our possessions have left me crying in the corner on my bed many more times than I’m willing to admit. Trusting the Lord to use people, some we’ve never even met, is pretty terrifying. Coming from a girl whose juggled multiple jobs at a time since college, and who is married to a man who works harder than anyone I know, to sit and depend on other people to pay your salary is extremely gut wrenching. We’re juggling thoughts of  “do we deserve this,” “do people believe in us,” etc. It’s pretty humbling to hear the Lord lean over and say, actually no, YOU don’t deserve this. And no, people don’t believe in YOU, they believe in ME. What a relief to know its not about our work but it’s about what Christ has done for us.

  3. I honestly can’t think of a better way to say thank you. You people have blessed the souls of Charles and I so deeply. You may have given us $1, or you may have given us $1,000 but you’ve all preached the Gospel to us. You’ve reminded us that it is not within our power to make anything happen. You’ve reminded us of the work of the cross. You’ve reminded us that Christ cares about family happening in the tiny country across the globe. I can not be more thankful to those of you who have believed in the Lord and then stepped out in faith to give to us.


We’re not done fundraising yet, and to be honest I find myself more terrified as we continue. We’ve got $10,000 left to go before we hop on that plane on July 29th, (tentatively) and that money will only happen if Jesus wants it to. But I have learned, He never brings His people somewhere just to leave them.

Our next phase of fundraising will include Tshirts, letters, and monthly sponsorships. We need just 15 people to commit to $50 a month. If you think you might want to support us monthly but can’t do $50 a month that’s COMPLETELY fine. Anywhere from $15, $20, to $50 a month can work. Follow the links below, click recurring donation, put Curries in the notes and you are good to go. We’d love for you to commit with us for a year but you can stop at anytime. We're also still accepting one time donations. Follow the same link and instead choose one time donation. Anything helps!

Thanks for taking time to stop by and read my words and being invested in the work the Lord is doing in us, and in Freetown.